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Unity Kossa Geshe Natural (12 oz – whole beans)


Unity Kossa Geshe Natural – Limmu, Ethiopia

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From Unity’s website:

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This Item Only Comes As Whole Beans

This name refers to a farm that sits among a very large, state preserved national forest in the area. The farmer’s name is Mr. Abdul Wahid Sherif, and we look forward to connecting with him this November.

After the cherries are picked, they are simply laid out on raised beds in the sun. All of the pulp, mucilage, and parchment are dried onto the inner seed. The coffee is milled to reveal a green coffee seed that tends to be fruited, with heightened sweetness.

Many coffees in Ethiopia are practicing organic. This is very cool for the sustainability of the soil. It works in Ethiopia specifically because of the biodiversity and climate, whereas in other parts of the world, farming organic coffee is quite hard. Certification is an extra step taken by the grower to show that their practices meet international standards.

In Ethiopia, most coffee are cooperative coffees. Producers with tiny bits of land all sell their cherries to a local wet mill/cooperative. This wet mill combined cherries from many farmers. There is certainly a beauty in this system. However, the flaws are a lack of traceability, lack of consistency, and lack of allegiance. As certain coops become more prominent, there is constant migration from coop-to-coop. It becomes very hard to maintain a positive feedback loop for the growers who want to do spectacular work and be rewarded for it.
In contrast, the Kossa Geshe is a single farmer lot, with enough land to produce their own coffee. The benefits are boundless – forming a positive feedback loop of investment in time, money, and energy can help this farmer and the workers Mr. Abdul supports.

Limmu is in the Western part of Ethiopia. The culture and the coffees are much different than in the Yirgacheffe region you may be familiar with.

This farm was initially made as a grant to produce seeds for farmers. It only recently began producing coffee itself. Our partner in importing this coffee, Crop to Cup, has secured all of the coffee from this producer.

We plan on visiting this farm in November. This will be smack dab in the middle of harvest. Together with the importer, we will focus on several improvements. First, we will focus on crop quality across the entirety of the harvest. Moreso, we will be focusing on social and economic improvements for the workers and their children.

Notes on this are “All the berries, all the melons, all the white flowers”. We note that this coffee, in addition to this year’s Girma Eshetu, has a denser body and heightened sweetness compared to last year, and compared to coffees from other regions of Ethiopia. We find this coffee to be much less of a lemon-bomb that you would obtain from Yirgacheffe, with much more complex berry flavors. It does still have the floral component that reminds us of a combo of lilies and azahar – the flower from the coffee plant itself. Remember – this is a natural. Tons of fruit, with heightened sweetness.

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