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Paper Plane Coffee Co. Tinto (3pk – 1/2 lb.)


Paper Plane Coffee Co. Tinto (3pk – 1/2lb/each)



From Paper Plane Coffee Co.’s Website

Please allow 3-4 days to ship

3 half pound bags.

Note: we offer the choice of ground coffee, however strongly believe our coffee is best enjoyed freshly ground before brewing. Good coffee grinders can be inexpensive and convenient.

Tasting notes: Coffee… No, really. Just coffee
Origin: Colombia, Brazil
Process Method: Old school blend


in Colombia, when we order a coffee we call it “Tinto” (teen-toe). It means tinted. Sometimes we’ll even say “Tintico” (teen-tea-ko). We wanted to achieve a classic Cup of Joe with our Tinto blend. This is for the “I like my coffee to taste like coffee” kind of people. The “I like my coffee with cream and sugar” people too. Its an homage to the reason you fell in love with coffee, comprised of our chocolaty Brazilian and our smooth Colombian.

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Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 9 in

Whole Bean, Fine (Espresso), Medium (Drip), Coarse (French Press)