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Paper Plane Coffee Co Cascara (3-Pack 3.5oz)


Paper Plane Coffee Co. – Colombian Cascara (3-Pack – 3.5oz/each)



From Paper Plane Coffee Co’s Website:

Please allow 3-4 days for roaster to ship

THREE 3.5oz bags
(100 grams) / 10 tea bags each

It’s not coffee, but it is. It tastes like tea, but it isn’t. Cascara, the dried husk of the coffee fruit. Naturally sweet, highly caffeinated, and everything you never knew you needed.

Tasting Notes: Hibiscus, Watermelon, Bright Lemon
Origin: Colombia
Region: Antioquia
Farm: Santa Barbara estate
Producer: Familia Echavarria
Variety: Castillo

Cascara means husk, and that is literally what this is, the husk of the coffee fruit.

Serving suggestions – steep 10 grams or 1 tea bag in boiling water for at least 4 mins. Enjoy hot or iced!

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9 in

Tea Bags, Loose cascara