Everyman Espresso Park Slope

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162 5th Ave
March 13, 2018

Everyman Espresso – 5th Ave Park Slope

Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue business district (approximately between 9th street north to Atlantic Terminal Mall) is crammed with coffee shops.

Off the top of my head I can think of 4 coffee shops all along 5th avenue – Kos Kaffe, Konditori, Crave, Cafe Martin – and that’s across just 6 blocks.

Obviously, such crowded territory means that each coffee shop is going to have its own distinct feel and style, otherwise it’ll get churned out by Park Slopians finicky tastes.

Note: for the non-Brooklynite readers, Park Slope is one of the most affluent areas in Brooklyn. While it’s a beautiful neighborhood with phenomenal Brownstone townhouses valued in the millions, mainly housing families, it is still crowd that can be tough to satisfy at times.

And where does Everyman fall into the hodge podge of Brooklyn Coffee Shops? Actually, their name says it best – a small coffee shop with good seating, a really friendly and comforting vibe that almost Everyman could enjoy.

To start, Everyman serves Counter Culture coffee with a gorgeous La Marzocco Strada machine.

It’s actually quite fitting to find this machine in Everyman, because of it’s low profile adds to to the running theme throughout the coffee shop: an open friendliness that creates a sense of casual community.

I visited Everyman in the early afternoon on a weekday. There was a slight break in the weather, and plenty of Brooklynites were out enjoying the crisp, yet warmer than normal, winter air.

The coffee shop had a few people in it, and even though the majority of seats were taken, it didn’t feel crowded at all.

One person was studying at the front counter, her textbooks laid out in front of her, furiously scribbling notes while glancing between various texts. And in the back a pair of friends chatted about typical Brooklyn issues – one of them was knitting to make it even more appropriate.

The barista greeted me right when I walked in the front door, and we casually gabbed about our love of coffee, while pulling a shot for my americano.

I haven’t been in Everyman Espresso a lot, but it seems like this is a pretty typical experience. Friendly barista, locals chatting, a student studying, and a pair of senior ladies sitting on a bench outside enjoying delicious coffee while their miniature schnauzers laying on the sidewalk.

But don’t mistake Everyman Espresso for a strict neighborhood coffee shop like Kos Kaffe, this burgeoning New York coffee empire also has two other locations around NYC.

While Roasted in Brooklyn focuses on Brooklyn coffee, I’m pretty confident that the feel of Everyman Espresso can probably be found in all their coffee shops, and that’s only a good thing.


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