Brooklyn Coffee Shops

    Brooklyn Roasting Company DUMBO

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    February 7, 2018

    There's something special about Brooklyn Roasting Company. You can feel it the second you walk through the doors of their 25 Jay Street location in DUMBO, all the way down to the first sip of any of their single-origin roasted coffees, or blended espresso drinks. Brooklyn Roasting Company taught me an incredibly important lesson about coffee - coffee can be more than a drink, but an entire experience. Coming from Miami, Fl, most of the coffee shops I'd ever visited were filled with old books and ratty couches. It never crossed my mind that someone could take a coffee shop and arrange it in a way that effected all of the...

    Kos Kaffe

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    December 18, 2017

    Kos Kaffe opened its first location on 7th avenue in the early 90s, with the second (and current) location opening in 1999, on 5th avenue. The world has changed a lot since they first opened their doors, but the feeling inside Kos Kaffe harkens back to a time before over polished coffee shops and is more like hanging out at a good friend's apartment that makes great coffee and food. Kos Kaffe is a quintessential Brooklyn neighborhood coffee shop. It's also where I currently work as a barista - so don't expect an unbiased review. I began working at Kos almost a year ago, and I think it'll be the last place I'll ever work as a barista. Is...