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    Breaking Down Your Favorite Coffee Drinks

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    February 15, 2018

    Ordering a coffee used to be so simple. The only complication of drink ordering used to be how many creams and sugars to add to the burnt coffee who's roast was ambivalent, and whose single origin could've been from the neighbor's garden. Through the years coffee menus have only gotten longer, and it may be a bit too much to take. To ease some of that tension, we're going to be your virtual friendly barista and do a quick run down of each drink. Who knows, maybe you'll give something different a try, or at least be a bit more informed when you order your next drink. Here's a few rules of coffee making to keep in mind when thinking about...

    Roasted in Brooklyn Podcast: #1 – Introduction

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    January 31, 2018

    Hi there. Welcome to the Roasted in Brooklyn podcast, this is our first episode, and today I'm going to do a little introduction on coffee and what coffee means to us here at Roasted In Brooklyn. The sounds you hear in the background are taken from an actual coffee shop in New York City. Being a barista for the last four years in Brooklyn, these are the sounds of my home away from home. The place that not only pays my bills, but where some of my favorite people frequent. We catch up on things, discuss philosophies and news, and any number of things. Of course, they’re customers but they mean a lot more than that to me. Outside...

    Welcome to the Neighborhood

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    January 12, 2018

    Brooklyn has such a... specific feel to it. I don't even mean that in a good or bad way either. The lure and mythology of this borough reaches it's fingers lustfully into almost any industry one could imagine. Maybe it's the food, the burgeoning film industry, or the fact that people come from all over the world in hopes of turning their lives into something special. But Brooklyn also means the baby strollers that clog the streets and avenues of Park Slope, the Russian babooshkas of Brighton Beach slowly shuffling across the crosswalk on a green light expecting traffic to stop for them, or the Egyptian brothers that...