Brooklyn is spoiled.

At one time we were the little acknowledged cousin to Manhattan's bright lighted, New York minuted madness.

In recent years Brooklyn has grown from an afterthought that was mostly known because of an awe-inspiring bridge that holds it's name to a full fledged community of independent creators.

Along with other culinary delights, Brooklyn is carving out a nitche as a coffee powerhouse. New Yorkers drink seven times the amount of coffee as any other city in the United States and that has proved to be the seed for a rich and wonderful coffee scene.

Roasted In Brooklyn's mission is to bring the coffees that we Brooklynites enjoy everyday, to people like you -- people passionate about a great cup of coffee, made by hardworking craftsman breaking out of the long shadows left by skyscrapers.

We present our roasters, Brooklyn roasters, big and small for you to discover and love.

Brooklyn Roasting House
Kos Kaffe and Roasting House
Oslo Coffee Brooklyn Roasters
Paper Plane Coffee Co
Unity Roasting and Sourcing